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Be a Responsible Dog or Cat Owner with Pet Spaying in Houston, TX

Ensure your pet lives a healthy life with the help of our pet neutering and spaying services. Bear Creek Animal Clinic has more than 35 years of experience in providing essential pet spaying services in Houston, TX. Rely on our loving team of veterinarians and medical staff for dog spaying and neutering as well as cat neutering and spaying.

Animals benefit from these procedures in a variety of ways that not only make caring for them easier, but also improves their wellbeing and lengthens their lifespan. The earlier you bring in your dog or cat for neutering or spaying, the better. At our animal hospital, we are fully dedicated to providing you with the best service and your pet with top-quality care. We sincerely believe that all pets that are not part of breeding programs should be spayed or neutered to eliminate unexpected and unwanted pregnancies, as well as to give them a more fulfilling life with fewer medical complications. 

When we perform pet neutering or spaying, we take care to make your pet as safe and comfortable as possible during and after the procedure. Our staff members are extensively trained and experienced in performing these pet surgeries, so you can rest assured that your pet is always in capable hands in our clinic.

Pet Spaying Helps Your Cat or Dog Live More Comfortably

Promote a happier life for your pet with cat and dog spaying and neutering from our team. Dog and cat neutering and spaying provides a variety of advantages. Your female pet will stop attracting males from other areas because she will stop emitting hormones. Female dogs will no longer produce discharge, and both species will stop yowling, crying, or urinating to attract mates. Regarding the health of your pet, spaying severely cuts their odds for developing breast cancer when the procedure is performed at a young age. There's also no chance of your cat or dog developing life-threatening uterine infections.

If you live in an apartment complex or belong to a homeowners association, your pets may even be required to be spayed or neutered. In addition to standard vaccines for conditions like rabies and distemper, more and more neighborhoods and cities are requiring any pets that are not part of a breeding program to be neutered or spayed in a veterinary clinic. This helps cut down on animal shelter surrenders, unwanted puppy and kitten litters in the area, and strays and feral animals roaming the neighborhood, which can contribute to the spread of disease and fleas to your pets. By visiting us for pet neutering and spaying, you help ensure your neighborhood is a safe place both for your fellow neighbors as well as all the domestic dogs and cats in the neighborhood.

Pet Spay & Neutering in Houston, TX

Pet Neutering Resolves Behavioral Problems and More

Improve the behavior of your beloved pet with our cat and dog neutering services. Male pets who undergo pet neutering exhibit lower levels of aggression, especially toward other males. Male animals have a lesser likelihood of getting into a fight. This results in fewer instances of roaming and spraying in attempt to find a mate. Animals that have undergone dog or cat neutering also have no chance to develop testicular cancer.

Even if your pet is strictly an indoors animal that never goes outside without supervision, it’s still important to have them spayed or neutered. In addition to the health and behavioral benefits, no matter how cautious you are, there is always a chance your dog or cat will find its way outside some evening. Too often, pet owners are shocked when their indoor cat has an unexpected litter of kittens even though she only escaped one time for less than a day. Prevent these stressful surprises by getting your cats or dogs spayed and neutered at our clinic.

Contact us to learn more about our pet spaying and neutering services. We are proud to serve clients in Houston, Spring, Katy, The Woodlands, and Tomball, TX.

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