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Animal Clinic in Houston, TX

Give your pet compassionate, caring, and comprehensive service from our animal clinic in Houston, TX. Bear Creek Animal Clinic has improved the lives of countless pets for more than 35 years. Our dedicated team of staff and vets are equipped with both the best tools in the industry as well as their own expertise to provide top of the line care. 

Rest assured that our team has an unparalleled love and dedication to animals. Each has his or her own pets at home. You can trust us to provide your pets the same level of caring attention at our veterinary clinic as we would give to our pets at home. Bring your pet to our animal care center for any immediate, emergency services or simply routine, preventative services. Every month we host health fairs to provide general checkups, vaccinations, dental health education, and senior pet care for 15% off. Contact our pet clinic to learn about all we do to help local pets, including:

• Surgery
• Preventative Care 

• Dentistry
• Dog Training Services

• Vaccinations
•  Dog Grooming Services

• Pet Treatments
• Cat and Dog Boarding

Rely on our Animal Clinic for Preventative and Immediate Care

Take action when your pet falls ill by calling our animal clinic. As a loving pet owner, you are surely the first to notice if your pet is exhibiting symptoms of illness or is behaving strangely. Our staff is ready to accommodate the health needs of animals in distress. We will makes sure everything is done to ensure the wellbeing of your animal.

We can even help avoid medical emergencies with our checkups and preventative treatments. At our pet clinic, we provide kittens and puppies as well as senior dogs and cats with everything they need to boost their immune systems or keep an eye out for possible health issues. We also take the time to educate you so you know what to watch out for as well.

Animal Clinic in Houston, TX

Veterinary Clinic that Cares

Rest assured that each member of our staff has a love for animals that drives them every day. Whether your four-legged friend needs surgery or simply some grooming, you can expect caring, comprehensive treatment at our veterinary clinic. Your animal's health and comfort are our top priorities, but we also get to know you and provide you with quality customer service.

Contact us to learn more about our veterinarians. We are proud to serve to Houston, Spring, Katy, The Woodlands, and Tomball, TX.

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